Chosen Art: rewinding 8 years

chrismas eveTold you today's gift was a big one. I was actually worried it wouldn't happen and as you can see, the site is FAR from finished, but I figured it was time to open. So welcome to the new Chosen Art, returning from a 2 year silence.

When I first opened in 2004, my focus was placed on Dawn Summers. The layout was huge and red and gold. So I thought that since this is a basic return for CA, why not go back to the roots of the site and feature the lovely Michelle Trachtenberg as the first official face of 2012/2013. So, basically I'm rewinding the past 8 years and celebrating what this site once was, which is a place where I enjoy life through art. A place to have an outlet and a place to call home. Because to be honest, I've been a little lost without Chosen Art, so it's nice to have it back.

The site will continue to fill up with content as we enter 2013 and I hope you guys will continue to come back even after the calendar has finished because trust me, that calendar was just a tiny taste of what's to come and what I hope to be able to do. The menu might be a bit confusing at first, I decided to find a new way to display the entire menu without you having to go through several pages before reaching your destination. For now, as content is still lacking, you will find art under the subcategories that are underlined. The others are coming.

BIG hugs goes out to Line, Rosely and Bre without whom I would never have decided to come back and actually be able to do it after the decision was made. You girls are my heroes and I love you all!

Another big hug goes out to my affiliates. Despite being gone for almost 2 years, very few of you decided to remove me from your affies-list. And even without the site being up, you demanded a family spot :)

The biggest credit for Chosen Art's return today goes to Britt from All Night Noise. She awarded Chosen Art this BEAUTIFUL SOTM award for January, 2013, without things being even officially opened. She is the reason I decided that the opening would DEFINITELY be the gift for today. So thank you sweetie, without you, it would have been a few weeks more before CA saw light.

So without further rambling from me:
Welcome to Chosen Art and Merry Christmas.
xoxo Dana