Welcome back to DTDN. Or should it be the other way around?
As many has been aware the entire domain has been on hiatus since November of 2010 due to a large server move. This sadly took more time than we had expected and then life had a tendency to get in the way on a regular basis, the way life sometimes does. So it got ignored, and pushed forward and suddenly it had been almost 1 years since there had been any life last on this domain. A few months ago it went down completely when our old server finally took its last breath. But now we're back and the domain has finally moved into its new home. The comeback will be a slow one and it will take time to get things back on the road the way it was before, because truthfully, it will never be like it was. Things change, people change and plans change. The sites will return, that I can promise but in what way, that I cannot reveal just yet.


I hope that you haven't forgotten about me and my sites and that those of you who enjoyed visiting on a regular basis find your way back again. DTDN isn't going anywhere any time soon! :)


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